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Monday, April 27, 2015

Brands In History Now on Amazon!

It's here! Brands In History is now available in book form and from Amazon. The difference between the book and blog? There's more than 200 pages of rich content in the book—always at your fingertips, supported by more than 70 color images, maps and diagrams—and much of it unavailable on the blog, including new entries not featured here. 

Added bonuses are a primer on ancient advertising and a foreword by branding expert, Bob Lamons, author of The Case for B2B Branding. He explains, 

The purpose of a brand is to create an expectation. With products and services, the expectation tells you why you should buy that product or do business with that company. With people, it’s much the same. David Falloure picked up on this years ago when he started his Brands In History blog. Falloure uses his knowledge of branding and his love of history to write anecdotes about historical characters and how their “brands” influenced their accomplishments and impact on world events. The connection is undeniable.”

The book in terms of spirit is just like the blog. It's is about having fun with history and looking at the last 3000 years from a marketing perspective. Historians or fans of history will get a fresh angle to consider; marketers will derive useful tools for brand presentations. And even the casual reader will be intrigued, entertained while informed. Revealed are the fascinating attributes about groups such as the Spartans, samurai, the Red Tails, and the Flying Tigers. Particular attention is also given individuals like Queen Boudicca, King David, George Patton, and even Jesus Christ. These are stars in our collective memories, illustrating just how sophisticated some of our ancestors were when it came to branding themselves, and highlighting the deep marketing and promotional heritage that evolved well before the concept of ad or PR agencies ever came into being.