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The Silver Bullet Myth

The Silver Bullet—everybody tries to fire off with that one single thing, whatever that thing may be, to solve a problem or challenge. That’s a heavy burden for one thing.

In marketing, there's a lot of jumping on bandwagons. Social media, for instance, or quick response (QR) codes for another, these are things people will hipshot react to and demand from marketing teams without first considering if they are even applicable to the audience, or how to incorporate them into the marketing mix, or establishing success metrics.

"We have to have it!" is simply and often the battle cry. Those are great tools to have in the arsenal, but to be frank, there is NO silver bullet. That’s why the Lone Ranger carried two six guns. Six shots are better than one, and twelve are better than six. Rarely can one single thing solve your marketing issues, except maybe deliberate planning.

So when the next big trend or fad hits, sit back, think a second and cogitate on whether or not it fits into your marketing mix; and how. If you don’t have a mix, get one, because a lack of foresight is like firing blanks when the Indians charge.