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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Branded Women

Women make up some of history's most fascinating characters, turning accepted convention of their day flat on its ear, and forcing modern readers to rethink "traditional" female roles. Yeah, these women were anything but conventional. They kicked the idea of a "man's world" squarely in the jewels.

Forged by Fire...  Joan of Arc: The original Iron Maiden and perhaps the toughest woman in history. Oh, and she was merely a teen.

The Lady with the Lamp  Florence Nightingale lit the way for modern nursing, feminism, and statistical investigation.

The Wrath of Mom... Warrior Queen Boudicca wreaked havoc on Roman forces in Celtic Briton, following outrageous and deplorable Roman acts on her family and tribe. See how this forceful woman pulled together scores of allies against a would-be indomitable enemy.

Lost Brand...  Amelia Earhart flew into history like that girl that rolls into your life with thunder, and she abandoned us just as suddenly. What she carved out, however, was a path for women pilots to come and an unsolvable mystery.

Cleopatra—Girl Had Skills... She was simply one of history's deliciously bad girls, yet she consciously and brilliantly cultivated her brand like no other woman in history.  

Only Spartan Women Give Birth to Real Men  At the bottom of the entry on Spartans, there is a significant extra on Spartan women. It is highly recommended.

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